Warm Shadow


Matt is a citizen of the world, a nomad, as he calls himself. No doubt he inherited this insatiable urge to travel from his father, Piergiorgio Sclarandis. At 23, Piergiorgio quit his job, bought a scooter and set out alone from his home in Italy to travel all the way to India and Nepal.

Just a year on the road determined the rest of his life as a journeying cameraman. The next 53 would be spent photographing for international newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, Forbes and Vogue just to name a handful. Piergiorgio was an assignment photographer since the 70’s for the New York based Black Star photo agency. He shot influential personalities such as Alfred Hitchcock, Julien Beck, Giorgio Armani, Philippe Stark. Editorial work sent him all over Latin America, the Middle East and Orient. Personal projects drew him again and again to India, Syria, Yemen and Morocco.

Stints at home were often barely 3 months at a time. Enough to make a young boy yearn for more and to create an emotional void that deepened with every departure. It’s this void that motivates Matt to make his own journey now. February of this year, early-onset Alzheimer’s finally took the man who had long been a legend to his son. For more than a decade, this devastating disease silently and incessantly attacked the very core of Piergiorgio’s character- all that defined him. For Matt, this luminary figure vanished like a latent image exposed to light prematurely. This terrible loss set him on the same journey his father once took- tracing the path of Piergiorgio’s story while creating his own, he intends to redefine and complete their father-son connection.


Production Company
Ground Vista Pictures

Ideator & Art Director
Matt Sclarandis

Riccardo Bianco

Color Grading Service
Madness Factory

Mattia Cavaliere